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Bushtracks Expeditions designs luxury safaris and adventure vacations to destinations around the world. Over the last twenty years, Bushtracks has shared Africa with thousands of travelers.

Safaris are a complicated business. Trips to Africa are a little wilder than an average vacation, because even basic needs — like transportation, accommodations and food — have to be carefully planned out. Bushtracks works with travelers to create custom itineraries, suited to the tastes and disposition of the client.

Services Provided

  • Lead Generation
  • Web Application Design, Development
  • Data Architecture
  • Systems Integration
  • Content Strategy
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What if travelers could use the web to design their own safaris?

Planning your trip

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Regions of Africa

Africa is a gigantic continent, divided into several major regions: Southern, Eastern, Northern, Western, and Central Africa. The regions are quite different; trips to Northern Africa are rich in cultural experience, Southern Africa hosts the “classic” wildlife safari, and Eastern Africa is known for the beauty of its geography and jeep tours. Apparently, Central Africa is home to the pygmies and a rare form of forbidden food called “bushmeat.” We steer clear of the central part of the continent.

The website introduces the varied region of Africa, including descriptions of various trips and attractions in each area. Each region has a profile that aggregates the most popular trips, destinations and accommodations in the area.

Destinations & Accomodations

Each destination is supported by a range of accommodations, including camps, lodges and hotels. At each, travelers have the option of participating in one or more activities, like game drives, spa services and cultural tours.

The website allows visitors to browse and filter these destinations and accommodations by a wide variety of criteria, offering thousands of detailed profiles to help the visitor explore by area.

ipad with interface from the bustracks site

Personalizing an entire trip to Africa is easier than ever with Bushtracks.

Bushtracks offers hundreds of pre-designed trips to its travelers, each with different features and highlights. Visitors can choose trips that allow them to trek with gorillas, focus on photography, experience a wide range of wildlife, relax on beaches and tour on private jets.

The website provides a trip builder feature for visitors to customize one of the predefined safaris, or, if they're feeling adventurous, build an entire trip — step by step — from scratch. Using integrations from half a dozen data sources, visitors can explore the entire continent, selecting arrival points, destinations, accommodations and activities. The trip builder plans travel time, pricing, and routes across the continent.

map interface example
20% Visitor increase

The strategy behind this effort was to build a transparent, open experience for travelers considering a safari.


By revealing pricing for each step of the journey, travelers can take greater control of the process to build a trip that suits their sense of adventure as well as their budget. Since the launch of the website in 2013, Bushtracks has seen an increase in leads, visitors, and conversions.

Another focus of this project was to create efficiency for the Bushtracks planning team. The trip planners use the website to compile and share itineraries with clients, providing them with visual, easy-to-explore trips. The project transformed the time-intensive, multi day process of planning a trip into an exercise that takes less than an hour. By building efficiency in this process, Dynamit helped Bushtracks to increase scale, volume and productivity of their core business activity.