After receiving a grant from PNC to bring back the $5 show tickets for local students, CAPA knew that the execution of the program needed to change. CAPA came to Dynamit to brainstorm web-based solutions. Dynamit re-branded the program and built a socially-focused solution that leveraged Facebook's Open Graph and CAPA's relationship with TicketMaster.
An important aspect of is a fun and engaging design that would capture the interest of teens and young adults yet stay true to the arts community. The website features a show curtain on the homepage with a fun slot-machine interface that showcases shows within the program and encourages visitors to invite a friend. Upon scroll, the curtain rises to unveil the full list of shows within the program.
Using a full integration of Facebook's Open Graph, encourages users to invite their friends and family to shows with them by way of a wall post.
A mobile-optimized experience was created for allowing smartphone users to share the experience and participate in the program.

Go For 5 and Bring a Friend too.

A full integration of Facebook's Open Graph, enables students to share plans to see upcoming shows.